Project | 01
Blue| An Original Single Play

Blue tells of the experiences of a young mother who is battling postpartum psychosis in 1960s middle England. This single play drama is written for TV, explores issues of crime and psychological illness in a period setting.

Project | 02
The Write Room Newsletter​

The Write Room is a weekly newsletter that shares tips, tricks, insights, and opportunities for those who are focused on getting their words down and out in the world. Building on her varied expertise,  Amanda Geary launched The Write Room to help both those new to writing and accomplished writers. It covers all things writing, including: factual, creative and academic writing skills and insights.

Project | 03
The F Post | Weekly Newsletter​

The F Post is a weekly newsletter, written especially for women. It was set up by Amanda Geary to explore the multiple issues that face women as they try to have and do it all. She wanted to share articles and opinions that cover all the important F’s in life!.

Project | 04
Learning Anywhere | A 5' Digital Story

A promotional 5' digital story to promote the work of the Learning Enhancement and Academic Development Service at the University of Glasgow. Storyboarded and scripted by Amanda, it is presented by members of staff who narrated and provided images and footage for the digital story.

Project | 05
Walk With Us | 1' Digital Story

A 1' digital story written and created by Amanda. Addressing the issue of close loss and grief when distance is an issue and focuses on final farewells and final journeys. 

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